Thursday, 25 June 2009

A lolly a day...

...a rather yummy idea for eating, but for crafting a rather slow week!

These Fabs are my favourite lollies ever! As well as being a cute colour combination of pink and chocolate brown which I adore, in real life they are super yummy. I always eat mine one layer at a time, starting with the chocolate and sprinkle top, through the milky layer and then the strawberry bottom. I can't ever bite into ice lollies, just too cold on the teeth, but I have a sneaky suspicion this habit of nibbling layers is childhood food-playing-with thingy.
Should I admit that at 25?

As well as jollying up the craft room, the little Fab lolly pins have already made their way to both the little shops, along with all the red and yellow lollies from the last post.

Hopefully next week will be a much more active craft week as I'm being to have dreams the Fab lolly softies will melt if I don't get round to them soon...


Friday, 19 June 2009

Red Lolly, Yellow Lolly...

You know the one!
Say "Red lolly, Yellow lolly" over and over as fast as you can...

Red Lolly, Yellow Lolly,
Red lolly, yellow lolly,
red lolly, lellow lolly,
led lolly, lellow lolly...
oh heck!

Two lines and you can guarantee I'll be talking complete gibberish!
But if I sew nice and slowly...

... not a "lellow" nor a "led" lolly in sight :)

The Jolly Lolly Family holiday photo!

Since the weather has turned all Summery around here and I even managed to squeeze in a sunny day on the beach with a 99, I felt I need to sew something Summery too. Last year, the lollies came a little, so they seemed the perfect thing to revisit. One thing lead to another starting with an idea of a tongue twister stitch picture, the little pins quickly emerged and how could I not make softies!? They were just too fun :)

I'll be listing the lollies in the little shops over the weekend, or quite possibly monday because I don't seem to get much done at the weekend anymore. If I do get the chance, I'll be heading straight for my wip box...

...yum, my favourite!!

Have lovely weekends!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Little Geisha Girl

Last month it was a friend's birthday and I really wanted to make her something a little special.
Last year she had given me some gorgeous Japanese style fabric, in the form of a much loved dress she no longed wore and I thought it would be sweet to make her a present from that and have her dress live on as it were...

Well I don't know if you have ever recycled a piece of loved clothing, but boy, was it hard to make that first cut! And the second and third for that matter... I have struggled with this before with my own clothes or charity shop finds, but a friend's was a new thing. With each cut I had the panicky feeling that I was doing something very naughty indeed.

The body is the lovely dress fabric with a little ribbon for detail, with felt hair and a drawn calico face. I recently bought a big bag of lavender so I filled her with a little of that, though I wished I had had something a little more oriental to hand...

I think my favourite part is her hair decoration which is made of a little felt flower and a button from the dress and 3 strings of tiny beads. I love the hairpins and combs worn by Geisha, if it wasn't for my desperately fine hair I may be tempted to wear them myself...

With the little geisha, I stitched up a matching mini tote to pop her in along with a couple of other little treats too :)

Happy weekends all!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Pincushion Girl

She really wants to sew something pretty...