Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I had an inkling that Ermmikins was looking a touch cat-like.
One day I will stitch a Kittikins but for now I think I've made him what he was supposed to be...

...a Foxikins.
What do you think? Is he quite there yet?

Yep, Ermmikins was trying to be a little fox with a bushy tail and little white cheeks... but the cheeks were all wrong, definitely more blushes or whiskers. I'm hoping these are much more fox-like. I've also been trying different scented stuffings so he smells like orange and honey.

I'll be listing him in the little shop later if anyone would like a sniff!


  1. Yey I thnk you got there he is really cute, just by changing the cheeks great stuff Jan

  2. An adorable fox that smells lovely -- yes!


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