Friday, 26 February 2010

We Belong Together...

One of my favourite songs is "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service;

"I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay"

I was listening to it, doodling and little jigsaw pieces appeared with cute eyes and I thought they would make a sweet little stitch picture. Between the page and the linen, their eyes closed and disappeared and the lyrics changed to a very simple...

"We belong together"
I think it says everything it needs to and I like this simpler style... what do you think?

And this gives me a chance to share the really happy news I've been dying to tell...

Me and the Boy are engaged!
He is so amazing and wonderful and at the risk of gushing, we really do belong together.

Happy Weekends to everyone!

Oh and this version of the song is so beautiful, you should hear it...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Moo-day!

My monday did not go as planned so I've been having a re-do today, getting all the things I wanted doing done and a few little bits more. I'll share them in a couple of days as well as something that I've been dying to share but has to wait too... 

So with the rather bad play on words, I'll introduce you to my cow softie, Moo. A request for gift by a friend, I never would have thought of making cow otherwise but I think he is rather cute. Usually I like to keep things quite simple but I just had to add little things like a chubby mouth, a tinkly bell, cheeky little udders and tiny horns (my favourite part!)... oh and a tail!


I usually forget to add tails, which seems strange when I think how many bunnies I've made!

Happy Moo-day or Tuesday,
which ever you wish to celebrate today I hope it's a lovely day

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Following Instruction

I adore craft books.

If I could I would start my own library dedicated to craft and spend morning, noon and night taking in all the pretty pictures and clever ideas. I rarely take the time to make things from them though so that's what I planned to do so when sewing presents last year.

"Let's Make Cute Stuff" is where I found the pattern for the cute bunny scarf I shared not too long ago...

Bend the Rules Sewing is an amazing book. It says it for beginners but I found it fantastic in the way you could enjoy reading all the things you thought you knew and learn a more too. Like zips, I hate putting in zips. I missed the college's zip lesson and tried endlessly to teach myself from books, oh it just wouldn't happen! I was defeated and have avoided them ever since... until I read this and Pop! firmly in my head.  I followed its instruction to make this cute little make bag, zip and all! 

The little bluebird is one of the millions of patterns which came with the Sublime Stitching book, which is the only embroidery book I think I'll ever need. Although that doesn't mean I won't be treating myself to the new one at some point...

I do like to deviate from patterns and to put my own mark on things but I loved how fun these books make it to do as you are told! At the moment my rule is "make something from one book before buying the next" and I've been crocheting away to be able to treat myself to a teach-yourself how to crochet little toys/amigurumi...
Any suggestions would be so helpful!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010


More of those little button flowers...

... and where I stitched them...

... on sweet long strap bags that go across your body a oh-so-long time along back in autumnal days.

I have discovered three is indeed my magic number.
I like my things in threes like flowers and biscuits with tea
 and three is the most fun amount to stitch bags in too.

The first is fun and challenging,
The second is fun and a time to learn,
The third is fun and just right.
Then I need a change...

But sooner or later my fingers will always want to sew another three.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Heart Felt Flowers from me to you...

Happy Valentine's!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day celebrating Love in all its ways. 
And to help you celebrate I have a little how-to gift for you of a bunch of Heart Felt Flowers. They are super easy peasy to make and look so pretty.

You need:
a little square of fabric and a 4" hoop
a little red felt
 some black and red embroidery floss
a needle and a pencil

Pop your fabric in the hoop and using this as a guide (print it out from here if you like to use it as a pattern), draw three stems in the middle of piece. Stitch them with 2-3 strands of black floss in backstitch.
Cut 1 large (3cm) heart and 2 small (2cm) hearts from red floss. Place them at the top of the stems, the large heart in the middle...

Then stitch along the centre of hearts with red floss backstitch. Give them a little pinch together to make your hearts all a-flutter... and there you have your Heart Felt Flowers.

They look cute in a hoop but you could use them as little embellishments on anything. And you don't have to use felt hearts...

Buttons are cute too (and more washable for popping on pockets)...

...or craft pom poms make fluffy blooms
(very inspired by the wool pom pom dandelions which I made following this wonderful tutorial)

Have a lovely day filled with heart and flowers and the people you love

Friday, 12 February 2010

My Old Valentine...

I just found one of last year's Valentines Notes printable freebies while having a tidy so I thought I'd remind you that they are still around for any love notes you may wish to write.

Mollie tagged me on Flickr for a bit of photo fun where you take a pic of yourself as soon as you realise you're tagged. I'm extremely camera shy, I don't think I've ever put my pic on here before but I thought it would be fun to do something different (and a little scary for me) so I did. If you want to join in you can go to my flickr and consider yourself tagged! :)

In my pic I'm actually stitching... Hooray, the craft clog is easing! It's a little heart felt thingy I'm going to share on Valentine's day...


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Memory like a...


I've stumbled upon some things I had forgotten to share. Like this little fish bowl embroidery which I made at the same time as the Ant Farm

I'm liking the idea of little pets for your wall so I'm trying to think up some more.... It's on my to-do which is so full I struggling to chose what to do first and has caused a little craft clog.

Lucky for you, I found enough fish brain forgotten things to keep pretty pics coming your way.

Happy Thursdays!
(pretty sure it's Thursday.... hmmm)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Big Lovely Snail Mail Reveal...

At last, I have my completed Snail Mail page to share as well as a super big Thank you, 
because you helped me go from this...

to this...

It's so amazing how kind and generous you all were, I never imagined I would have this many stamps for my little project. I used every single one you send and, look...

Completely full! Not a space to spare!

I love my journal page, this is definitely my favourite and I can't see how any other could top it ever! And its all because of you wonderful bloggy friends. You can go over to this pic on my flickr to spot your stamps (I've added notes to make it easy) and here is a lovely list of all the lovely sites of all the lovely people who made my lovely page:

Natasha of Natty Bum Bum
Bunzi of Bunny Creates
Hannah of Span's Stitches
Mollie of Wild Olive
Casey of Randomness
Patty of Pip Stitch

Thank you all so much!
Hope you are enjoying the most wonderful of weekends

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nice things and accidental helpers...

As I've been doing my stamp-sticking-in-thing, I've come across a few from parcels of handmade goodies  I've bought over the past few months and I thought it would be cool to share...

First is this amazing print from Reap What I Sew. I love it because its so simple and just has the sweetest sentiment "Its nice to be nice" I try to live by that biscuity motto everyday
Lily the Owl is one of the fantastic Skunkboy Creatures, my birthday gift from the Boy last year and the little swan prince is a tree ornament I picked up this year.

I found these cute little fabric jar wraps from The Cotton Potter. They really are the cleverest little things turning old tins and used jam jars into sweet little vases, making them the perfect size for little garden bouquets. I gave this to my Mum but I'm so smitten with the cotton jugs I may have to treat myself too...

And finally a perfect papercut from Storey Shop. I love all the 'I love you more than...' cards, I was spoilt for choice when I could declare I love the Boy more than tea, cake or Etsy... all very big statements in each of them but 'chips' has a special meaning to us, a very long nonsensical story...

Oooh its fun sharing finds!