Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Stitch Yourself a Lavender Lovely

When I was making my Sleepy Bunnikins I needed to make little lavender sachets to keep the tiny lavender pieces from showing through. Usually I would use a fine lining fabric for this but having none to hand, I used pieces of lace. This gave me the idea to make a sweet little lavender bags and here is how if you'd like to too...

You will need:
**4cm (1.5") square of plain fabric**
**Green and Purple embroidery floss**
**Black pen**
**Needles and Black thread**
**a button**

The lace I used is 3cm (1.25") wide and the finished bag is 10cm (4") tall. Small holes are best so the lavender doesn't escape. For fabric I used calico and you can use any pen which can draw on fabric without bleeding. Links in instructions are photos of steps to help and if you spot any mistakes or have questions, please leave a comment :)

How to make the lace bag:

First cut 4 pieces of lace, each 14cm (5.5") long.

1. Sew 3 pieces together slightly overlapping the bottom of one piece over the top of another. The drawing shows the overlap but you want your edges to be in line.
2. To get a pretty top edge, turn the 4th piece upside and sew to the top.
3. Fold the right sides together and stitch down the long side.
4. Turn so the right sides face out. Flatten so the seam from step 3 is central then sew across the bottom.

Fill with yummy lavender and stitch closed along seam between the top 2 lace layers.

Decorating the little bag:

Tie a ribbon around the closing stitches you just made, stitch your button on and fan out the top of the bag.

To make the lavender label:
1. The lavender sprig is made of 1 long green stitch for the stem and then 7 buds each made of 3 tiny stitches close together.
2. Draw a oval around your sprig and then add little loops around the outside to make a scalloped frame.
3. Trim in to an oval. Stitch along the black lines of your frame with black thread to attach to the bag invisibly.

And there you should have a little lavender lovely of your own.
If you don't want to stitch a sprig I think an initial inside the frame would look just darling!

Happy Stitching!


  1. how pretty!!

    I'm trying to make people presents this year rather than buy the same old tat!

    my mum would love these!

  2. Oh goodness! this tutorial is totally lovely! The product is equally lovely, but I love the time you took to draw the instructions and take the pictures! I also love the name- lavendar lovely' (wow how many times did i just say lovely?!)

  3. Love this post - your illustrations are amazing! G

  4. Your ideas is just fantastic!! Good luck :)

  5. beautiful, love this lavender bag

  6. Another lovely project to do with my children or with just myself, I also enjoy doing craft, knitting in my spare time with my babies or without them, thanks again!


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