Friday, 23 April 2010

Cake and a catch up number 2...

Time for another little cake and a catch up...

After a little over a week of unpacking, I'm about ready to start all over again... with the packing that is *sigh*

The little craft room is becoming a travelling workshop of tiny suitcases and a sewing box, both in need of a very strict edit. It's so hard to chose my favouritest of all my favourite fabrics and buttons and what nots and lace! And all the stitched little samples and softies... I'm hoping to hold a quick little going away giveaway next week to find some of these things a lovely new home. Fingers crossed for a productive weekend!

Another thing to be packed away is the little shops as I become a travelling sales bunny. On Monday I will close the little doors for a month as I make my big move, so this will be the last weekend if you did wish to treat yourself to a little something and I will be adding little extra thank you gifts to all orders :-)

I'll be seeing you next week for another catch up and hopefully that giveaway!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Squirrelled away in packing boxes...

Today is the first of my two house moves. 
All is going well and in this little quiet moment I thought I'd say hello and make a little list of my favourite things about here before I go...

Lovely neighbours,
having a little wood at the bottom of the garden
and garden thats always seems sunny (thats just how I'll remember it, probably not too true...)

And the lovely woodland folk who pass by, including my favourite pair of cheeky squirrels...
I couldn't leave without stitching a little momento

See you all soon!
Hope you are having the loveliest day!