Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Squirrelled away in packing boxes...

Today is the first of my two house moves. 
All is going well and in this little quiet moment I thought I'd say hello and make a little list of my favourite things about here before I go...

Lovely neighbours,
having a little wood at the bottom of the garden
and garden thats always seems sunny (thats just how I'll remember it, probably not too true...)

And the lovely woodland folk who pass by, including my favourite pair of cheeky squirrels...
I couldn't leave without stitching a little momento

See you all soon!
Hope you are having the loveliest day!


  1. That squirrel is precious!! :) You've been MIA - hope moving goes well!!
    You have a lovely day too!

  2. Hope its all going smoothly for you :)xx

  3. hello! hope you're loooovely... I've linked and passed on the Beautiful Blogger award to you! xo leanna


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