Friday, 11 January 2008

A few old bags

As I said in my introduction, I create handmade bags. A few of this will soon appear in a local shop, and once they do I will post them here, but until then here is a couple of past projects i'd like to share with you.

Sleeping girl bag

This was one of the first bags I made and is the inspiration for many of the bags I now create. It features a pen-drawn girl with ribbon and button corsage in her hair. I use this bag for my smaller work-in-progress sewing projects.

World Peace and Chocolate Nun Bag.

This bag was made for my Mum for Mother's day last year. It features a nun praying for 'World peace and chocolate' (as i'm sure we all do) and a fabric and button corsage. It was the perfect size to fit a box of her favourite chocolates, and so the nun's prayer came true.

I can't wait to share my new bags with you. Any day now :)
jenny xo

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