Friday, 25 January 2008

Flowers, Hearts and Candy

It can only mean one thing...
YYY Valentines  YYY 
is almost here.

I have been busily stitching away to make some love-themed bags that will last all year round, and some little, felty love tokens too.

All the bags are made from Valentine-y red cotton with lovely cream details.
There are two kinds of mini tote - Flowers and Hearts

I love this bag. Although I shouldn't have favourites, this one is my favourite. I am going to be making myself a corsage like this for my coat over the weekend. Maybe some for the shop one day too.

 The flowers are made from cotton with a red button centre and a drawn stem and leaf.

Happy Heart mini tote

The detail is drawn on cotton and machine-stitched. 

The mini totes are 22cm x 22cm cotton bags with ribbon handle and handcrafted detail. £4.95

The Happy Hearts also appear on three small trinket bags too.

Cuddle Hearts and two little Happy Hearts (Looking Left and Looking Right)
They are 10cm x 15cm (approx.) cotton bags with gingham ribbon drawstring and drawn design.

And finally, Felt Candy Love Tokens.

Valentines always makes me think of 'loveheart' sweets, so I made my own felt version.
Each is 5cm in diameter and has the heart-in-a-circle stitching as well as a stitched message of

In the shop now

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