Monday, 8 December 2008

Finally Back!

I'm very happy to be back in the bloggy world!

In the past 2 (and a bit) weeks since I disappeared, I have mainly been visit Joe in London and discovering I am not the travel friendly crafter I was hoping I was - I do not have anything at all crafty from my break to share. And I only have a couple of rain soaked pictures from my journey in and out...

And really I shouldn't even have that! The picture come courteous of a sat nav who seemed to want to go sight seeing rather than take us directly to the hospital. Big Ben and Parliament, followed by a drive along the Thames were not on any logic route.

So, instead I'll cheat a little and ease myself back with a couple of pictures of what the boyf was doing while I was not crafting and getting lost and soggy...

(There is an something hiding in the dark!)

Don't you just love how the giraffes have to do spilts to reach down to the water? :)

Hope you've had a lovely few weeks too!
See you in a day or two,



  1. Not that I don't love London, but the warm, sunny savanna seems a little more tempting at the moment :)

  2. Wow! What incredible photos. Your boyf must have really enjoyed that! I love the one of the elephant in the dark.. too cool. I'm really happy to see you back. I always look forward to seeing your blog posts. They're always so inspiring!

    ~Amy Rose~

  3. How cool!! Those pictures are wonderful!

  4. I think I should have been a giraffe!!


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