Monday, 22 December 2008

Homemade Snow

We still haven't had any proper snow around these parts and I am longing to see everything in a blanket of white and just that little bit more Christmas-sy!
So I thought it was time to make a little snowfall of my own...

There has been a flurry of paper snowflake garlands in blogland, so I thought I'd give it a go too. Cutting them is always fun and sewing them together on the machine was super fast! I followed this tutorial for the sewing, but I can't begin to think of all the lovely blogs and craft site which inspired me as I snipped away.... so very many lovely snowflakes!

I love paper snow... pretty, never melts and no goosebumps.... perfect! :)

This candle holder is probably my favourite not-too-christmas-sy decoration (I'd leave it out all year, but I don't get final say on that). This year its taken centre stage on the mantle, which I gave a blanket of felt and then knitted a fluffy snow garland to go along the edge. I used the perfectly named milky Snuggly Snowflake wool that I had bought last summer because it is just sooo soft and then finger-knitted a long piece. I learn how to finger knit from this tutorial and it is incredibly easy and you can make a skinny scarf in no time.

It'll be a white Christmas inside at least :)


  1. that's it!
    i'm going to go make snowflakes... i can't take much longer hahaha

  2. How cute!!! Your snowflakes look fabulous!

  3. Your snow looks lovely. We don't do snow at all around here at Christmas. It's the middle of Summer in Australia! Jen

  4. Aww. That looks so good! Happy Christmas!:)

  5. This reminds me of the December issue of Martha Stewart Living... they did something similar with vintage doilies and also paper doilies. VERY cute, and you could leave it up all winter if you want to!

  6. Amazing work! I loved those snow flakes!! :D


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