Friday, 12 June 2009

Little Geisha Girl

Last month it was a friend's birthday and I really wanted to make her something a little special.
Last year she had given me some gorgeous Japanese style fabric, in the form of a much loved dress she no longed wore and I thought it would be sweet to make her a present from that and have her dress live on as it were...

Well I don't know if you have ever recycled a piece of loved clothing, but boy, was it hard to make that first cut! And the second and third for that matter... I have struggled with this before with my own clothes or charity shop finds, but a friend's was a new thing. With each cut I had the panicky feeling that I was doing something very naughty indeed.

The body is the lovely dress fabric with a little ribbon for detail, with felt hair and a drawn calico face. I recently bought a big bag of lavender so I filled her with a little of that, though I wished I had had something a little more oriental to hand...

I think my favourite part is her hair decoration which is made of a little felt flower and a button from the dress and 3 strings of tiny beads. I love the hairpins and combs worn by Geisha, if it wasn't for my desperately fine hair I may be tempted to wear them myself...

With the little geisha, I stitched up a matching mini tote to pop her in along with a couple of other little treats too :)

Happy weekends all!


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  2. I love that you made a matching set. And i know how you feel about cutting into special fabric. I'm using my grandmothers wedding dress to make a my own soon and I'm a little nervous about that first cut myself.

  3. Super CUTE!!! What a luck friend. Absolutely adore your Geisha's eyes. Well done.
    Much love,
    Carolyn Michelle

  4. what a lovely gift I am sure your friend will treasure. A great way to be green too!

  5. That is so cute! So, will you be MY friend next? I want a little Geisha girl!!!

  6. Awww that's lovely. Well done you. xx


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