Thursday, 25 June 2009

A lolly a day...

...a rather yummy idea for eating, but for crafting a rather slow week!

These Fabs are my favourite lollies ever! As well as being a cute colour combination of pink and chocolate brown which I adore, in real life they are super yummy. I always eat mine one layer at a time, starting with the chocolate and sprinkle top, through the milky layer and then the strawberry bottom. I can't ever bite into ice lollies, just too cold on the teeth, but I have a sneaky suspicion this habit of nibbling layers is childhood food-playing-with thingy.
Should I admit that at 25?

As well as jollying up the craft room, the little Fab lolly pins have already made their way to both the little shops, along with all the red and yellow lollies from the last post.

Hopefully next week will be a much more active craft week as I'm being to have dreams the Fab lolly softies will melt if I don't get round to them soon...



  1. They are just adorable! When I was kid, we had red, white and blue ones and we called them Bomb Pops.


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