Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Oh dear!

The little blog has been quite neglected!
Covered in cobwebs and threadbare on posts...

In a flurry of here, there and everywhere-ness, I thought I best pop by before anyone started to wonder if I had disappeared through the little fairy door and lost my way...
I have been enjoying a little school-holiday-style break which has taken me away from the computer more than I could have imagined but I will be back soon*, I promise

Hope everyone is having a lovely August

*2 more weeks of wandering...


  1. I know how you feel! It's so hard to blog when you are on break.

  2. We have been enjoying the last of the summer break before it's back to school, too. Hope you are having a great time.


  3. Jenny...if your blog is covered in dust, then mine is covered in dirt! LOL Sadly, this summer has left me with no time/energy to blog like I would like. I hope to get back to it in full force shortly! Ps...LOVE your fairy door :-)

  4. School's back next week! Hoorah.


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