Monday, 7 September 2009

Back with Friends...

So here I am back, a little lonelier, a little blue but bearing up.
Still have enough smile in me to make a bad pun :)

I've had a lovely few weeks. They felt like they were lasting forever which was so nice and more than I could have really asked for, but now a long 6 months of being away from the boy begins.
Crafting will see me through...

This little fellow sits on my desk as I get into said stitchery. He has been there over a year now, but now seems a good time to share. There was an early 20th century designer, Madame Vionnet who never sketched any of her dresses but made each one as a 24" miniature. Though I'd never do anything without a sketch, this always stuck with me. Its good for not wasting 'hard to come by' thrifted materials but also you end up with teeny tiny cute things all over the place... not a bad thing at all! So when I make something and I'm not too sure its going to work, I try out a little version first. Little bear is from a pattern I didn't use for the sweater bears.

Stitched on the machine in calico, sometimes they look like ghostly versions of their bigger selves, but a little embroidery and they can become quite lovely little things that steal your heart...

Hope everyone had a lovely summer!
I look forward to spending Autumn with you...
officially back blogging

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  1. welcome back! I love that story about the miniature dresses...and your bear is too sweet.


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