Monday, 22 March 2010

Cake and a catch-up...

Help yourself to a cup of tea and I'll quickly catch you up...

Since my last little string of posts, I've had quite an exciting time. I became a year older and was spoilt rotten with cake, 3d Alice (oh how fantastic!!) and a surprise trip to the seaside. Most of the spoiling was done by the Boy who arrived home early, and is now home for good... 


... and if that wasn't enough it get more exciting!
He is indeed home for good but our home will be changing... twice! I have always lived at home with my parents and we are all about to move to a new house just down the road from where we are now, but very soon after that in May, me and the boy will be making our own home in our own house.  A little further away, a little plane ride away in Gibraltar...


I've never been there before but I'm very excited, a little bit scared and still trying to work it all out. I think it will be quite a busy time but hopefully everything will be the same around the little blog here. The little shops will be open for a good long month at least before a short rest to let us move and I know I will have plenty of time for cake and chattering here, if you will join me...

I think that's all my news for now. 2010 is turning out to be quite an interesting wonderful year for me! How's your year going so far?

oh and just a little about my patient Cakie friend who always enjoys a good catch-up. I used couching to whip up that wonderful fluffy frosting which I learnt from the Hand Embroidery Network's Stitch a Day posts. They finished the posts a little while ago but they are the most fantastic reference of stitches with detailed pics and so many ideas how to use them.

Take care and a second cupcake...


  1. I've just bought myself the embroiderers bible and am so excited to teach myself some more stitches - this is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely stuff little stitcher!

  3. I love cupcakes and this is just adorable.

  4. sweet and yummy! Lovely work!

    Saskia :)

  5. this lil cupcake is adorable! <3


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