Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's so nice to be here...

After what feels like a very very long time indeed, I'm glad to say I'm back here at the little blog and after all the upheaval I'm being to feel myself again in a place I can finally call home...

We arrived at 'home' three little weeks ago after a very long drive and a car full of our random little things, still waiting for more to arrive. I've been busy nesting, make our first apartment into 'home' and doing a little exploring of this strange new place, but not much else. The little scene above is from the hallway - a little house thimble I found on ebay filled with tiny things (I have become obsessed with these since I saw this one and this one. I neeeeeed a large one too!), a mini calender from Danita Art on Etsy, a twig pencils with a forest dunny and this...


... a tiny little Ollie dog I found at the weekend to greet you at the door as I couldn't bring the real one.

Its nice to be home
and so nice to be back in blogland too...

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Glad to see you here! I've seen several of those little cases and didn't know what they were. I thought about buying one and painting it white; next time I see one, I think I will!

  2. :) I love it! And I'm glad your back in blogland!

  3. welcome back! i have a tiny thimble house, im filling it with equally tiny little animals! hope your new apartment is lovely!

  4. Welcome back! You were missed! X


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