Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Perfect Days

I just had the best day ever!

As a pre-birthday treat, I spent a wonderful day wandering around London. There was a couple of place and a couple of things I wanted to do. First stop, Ryantown 

I am stood in the middle of the shop trying to pick my treasure. It was hard enough, picking just one thing, that I have to carry around all day and not break without the fact I wanted everything in there, but I get close to picking, narrowing it down to a sherry glass with a bird and says "I love what you hate" and a short list of 4 tiles, when the door opens and Rob Ryan himself walks in the door...

Gaz had asked would I recognise him? Uh yea!  and I was a little star stuck! My brain instantly turned to noodles, couldn't pick, couldn't think anything except "omygod omygod" Then this tile just spoke to me...

Oh how I love it!
Bird, thread, small brains, inspirational... could it be more perfect!

There was one other, a sweet-yet-creepy note about stealing buttons from someone's shirt and sewing them on your own, which I see now may have summed up my slightly obsessive love and awe of his work... 

So I maybe arrived in London an hour ago and there, already, great great day, could go home happy! But it just got better with...

*Lunch in the middle of Covent Garden Market while listening to Royal Opera House musicians
*A string monkey from Octopus
*Giant Jelly Baby topped Cupcakes 
*Raspberry cocktails 
*the Japanese kawaii goodness of Artbox 
*general wandering, lovely weather and good company :)
All resulting in a lovable stash of pre-birthday goodies and big smiles!
I think I could quite happily say I've had my birthday now and can miss the getting older next week...

Hope you had lovely weekends and half-weeks too!


  1. Happy early birthday; I am so happy to hear that you had a splendid day! :)

  2. Oh goodness! What a cool lot of stuff :-) Although I am not sure who Rob Ryan is, I visited his blog on your link. Those tiles are really neat! I like the one that says "I am going to have a baby". I find that both funny and reminding me of Bunzi, all at once :-) At any rate, you probably had the same reaction that I would have had if I saw Emily Martin out and about. Except that I am afraid I would have turned into a blubbering fool!

    Happy happy birthday to you..whenever it is! Treat yourself to a fancy cupcake ☺

    ps...I made my MarmeeCraft brooch tonight! Thanks for the inspiration, chick. Did you treat yourself to your coveted brooch yet?

  3. Oh, what great little goodies you've got!

  4. Happy pre-birthday ;) (hope you enjoy the real one too) xxx


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