Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring Bunnies

I've a couple of new friends to introduce...

Neville and Hunny Bunny

Neville and Hunny are twins, cut from the same cloth quite literally.  
You may recognise one of them from the mugshot but they are not really the troublesome type. In fact, they are very sweet and helpful around the craft room, Neville likes to sort buttons, while Hunny is a lace and ribbon connoisseur. It didn't take them long to ask for their perfect   outfits, Neville opted for a waistcoat with felt buttons and Hunny always longed a lace collar and heart patches.

Unlike the next bunny who just couldn't decide what to wear.
First there was a dress, that was just too girly for this little one...
Then a tomboy waistcoat, that didn't really suit her either...
Finally we found the clothes that were just right...   

...a little red coat!

This little bunny's favourite thing to be outside exploring and her little red raincoat is perfect for when she gets caught in the odd spring shower. She looks for green shoots peeking through the earth and visits them everyday to see the beautiful flowers appear.

Her name is Rain and I am quite smitten with the rain cloud patch. Once upon a time they was a cloud pocket dress that I fell deeply in love with, but I did not take notice of the 'last chance to buy' note and it was lost forever... maybe like Rain I will find the perfect item to add a rain cloud to one day.

Well, Neville and Hunny have begun their journey to new homes and Rain will soon be exploring the little shop looking for one too. Inspired by her love of spring greens, I have promised her the shop will have a few flowery pieces popping up here and there...



  1. They look great! The little patch details are so sweet. xo

  2. oh, your bunnies are so adorable, love the details in their clothes. Just perfect!

  3. Neville and Hunny Bunny are amazing!!


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