Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rainbow Babies

While looking around for some pink and blue dummy (pacifier) beads to stitch up some Babycakes, I stumbled across a tiny packet of multi coloured one and a rainbow of little cakes was born.

I just love seeing all the colours together like that!

Its taken me quite a while to put this batch together, more Babycakes have been on my to-do list for a while. But I think the wait was a good thing, it has given me the chance of a little re-design. Getting cuter is always a good thing...

The first one in the little shop is this little pure white one.
Pink and Blue will follow soon, and the other colours will be available through those listings as a "note to seller" kinda thing (is that a good way to do it? I'm never sure they'll be found?)

Also a little shopling thing to mention is my Xmas Sale items are about to expire and I won't be relisting them. Christmas in March anyone? :)


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  1. As I'm too lazy to contact you properly, but can I claim a couple of the coloured ones, or will you be making some again in the future? I don't need them urgently so am happy to wait if you will be re-doing them eventually if not, I'd like to buy a couple if you don't mind, ideally lilac and green.

    Will sort this out properly with you soon.

    Speak soon.

    Hugs xx


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