Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Egg Day!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Sunday!

Its a sickly sweet day for me... eating way too much chocolate, drawing pics with Karma Art (which is so cute its addictive) and now I'm off to browse Kitty Craft for super cute Japanese fabrics*... Bliss!


*oh, Kitty Craft is on her holidays... anyone know any good Japanese fabric sites?

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  1. Agh! What a fantastic program! However, I do not have an iPhone...and as of last night, I don't have a cell phone, period! (I shouldn't admit this, but I left it in my jeans pocket and washed it!!). Good thing I have insurance :-)

    The only big site I know of to order Japanese fabric is Super Buzzy, Never cheap! I will have to check out your site once they return from vacation :-)

    Hope you all are having a lovely Easter day!


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