Thursday, 16 April 2009


Urgh... I am so behind on my crafty show and tell.
I'd almost convinced myself I have made anything much for quite some time but browsing through my photo albums  it appears I have...

Swirly Spring Flower Pins

A little bit rustic rather than cutesy eyes I usually make, but I like the change. 

I love stitching those flowers, its hypnotic stitching round and round. I feel very peaceful afterwards. The swirl flowers are just like one I put on a minitote a long long time ago and I haven't really done much with them since. I recently rediscovered the college sketchbook with my first ever sample of a swirly rose

Its a bit scrappy after years of being crushed, but it reminded me how much I loved stitching them. I spend hours at the sewing machine stitching a wide sash completely filled with roses and then stitched a few to an old camisole too (both were long gone before I thought to take pictures of things).

I still haven't become any more natural at taking photos - those pins above are the ones I haven't got (they are here) whereas the red ones I made for Etsy sit on the side unphotographed... I will have to go do that now.

Happy Thursdays!

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  1. Those flowers are amazing! I love how on the pins they jump out from the flat stem/leaf.


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