Friday, 3 July 2009

Sunny = Lazy

Yep, I'm blaming my lack of craft (and blogging) on the hot sunny days we've been having!
The sun makes me want to be outdoors and the heat makes me so lazy... and then quite fussy after a while. One way or another, I find so way to link my productivity to the weather - too hot means laziness, too cold is uninspiring, too bright means I need to be outside (not in the craft room), too dull means icky photos..., what's a girl to do?

Well, she could take a tray of goodies out to the lawn and stitch there, which is exactly what I did albeit rather slowly with long pauses for clouding spotting and cordial drinking of course.

Hooray for un-melt-able felt lollies! Real ones would not have stood the heat at all, and neither could my needle - broke in half while twiddling in my fingers, poor thing!

I really am quite pleased with this guys, especially with those sprinkles. I never realised how difficult it is to stitch randomly on purpose, but I think all that daydreaming helped with the scattering :)

The stitching, and photos of, all happened a few days ago but the editing, shop listing and posting about was all today's work. I also made a start on a felt ball thing and crocheted my first ever granny square. Today the weather has been warm but overcast with a little bit of drizzle... proving my theory that it IS the weather's fault after all.

Have Happy 4th of July's and lovely weekends

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  1. yay for crocheting your first granny square, maybe you could join my next swap :)


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