Friday, 4 June 2010

Birds and Trees of long ago...

Okay, enough of the sniffling and back to the crafting...
and I do mean waaaay back... Christmas in fact...
I know, eek!

As well as the Swallow pouch I posted a long long time ago, I also stitched up two other pouch from the wonderful Bend the Rules Sewing. The first is made from an amazing ikea bird and flower fabric I got a couple of years ago. When having my big craft room sort out, I discovered I am quite the hoarder! I have so much fabric that I am saving for a special thing yet never remember it when those something come along. I must learn to me less precious about fabrics and finding, wheres the fun of hiding them away! I'm sure I'm not the only one, right?

A present for a friend is always a good project for lovely fabric I find! And that what we have... with a scatter of bead stitched in to the pattern and a lovely puffy flower, 
which I discovered may lovely little trees as well...

This is one of my favourite things I stitched last Christmas.
It super simple but I just find it oh-so-cute...

Struggling to give it away (but I was good, I did to my dearest friend) I promised I would may something similar for myself and as I found the picture this morning one thing popped into my head...

'Ooh! Placements!'

So back I'll go to the Bend-the-Rules book as I'm sure there were lovely placement instructions in there.
There is some many lovely things in there, everyone should have it (or her other book which I bet is just as awesome and on my wish list)

First I need to unpack my little fabric suitcase and hope all the ingredients are in there...

Have lovely weekends and thank you for your sweetness!


  1. they are both really cute, we had some of that fabric but funnily enough we used it to make placemats...kinda spooky!

  2. Beautiful and creative work!
    I've got some lovely fabric here... but just waiting for a lovely idea... some day I'll make a little something with it! :)

    Saskia :)

  3. Pretty, creative work, love it.


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