Thursday, 18 February 2010

Following Instruction

I adore craft books.

If I could I would start my own library dedicated to craft and spend morning, noon and night taking in all the pretty pictures and clever ideas. I rarely take the time to make things from them though so that's what I planned to do so when sewing presents last year.

"Let's Make Cute Stuff" is where I found the pattern for the cute bunny scarf I shared not too long ago...

Bend the Rules Sewing is an amazing book. It says it for beginners but I found it fantastic in the way you could enjoy reading all the things you thought you knew and learn a more too. Like zips, I hate putting in zips. I missed the college's zip lesson and tried endlessly to teach myself from books, oh it just wouldn't happen! I was defeated and have avoided them ever since... until I read this and Pop! firmly in my head.  I followed its instruction to make this cute little make bag, zip and all! 

The little bluebird is one of the millions of patterns which came with the Sublime Stitching book, which is the only embroidery book I think I'll ever need. Although that doesn't mean I won't be treating myself to the new one at some point...

I do like to deviate from patterns and to put my own mark on things but I loved how fun these books make it to do as you are told! At the moment my rule is "make something from one book before buying the next" and I've been crocheting away to be able to treat myself to a teach-yourself how to crochet little toys/amigurumi...
Any suggestions would be so helpful!



  1. quite a wonderful rule!

  2. Did you teach yourself crocheting? I have been looking for something to teach myself. My sister attempted to teach me and it failed completely. She would start me on it and I would crochet away for about a minute or so then she would stop me and say she showed me the wrong thing. That happened about 4 more times and I just got frustrated and stopped.

    Oh! I love craft books as well. Have a few of them. I also like to get old cross-stitch magazines from my local thrift store. Some are from the 80s so it's interesting to me.

  3. That is so cute!!! I am quite scared of two things (zippers- which I've done a couple of times) and the worst... button holes (still haven't figured that one out!

    I have a bunch of Jenny Harts patterns too!!! My favorites are still in her little stitch it kit!!!


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