Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Tale of Two Boxes

In the furthest wooliest corner of my apartment sits a box... 

Its not a very big box but inside it hold a lot of treasure...

I have my whole sewing room packed into this box. 
All the supplies I could squeeze in at least, it just closes... just!
All the important stuff is there. Cute prints, felt, bunny knits, lace, buttons, zips. A little bit of everything but still knowing where to begin is hard...

And then there's the second box...

...the Box of Shop.

Easier to know where to begin, 
Just have to re-open the Little Shop.
And that's what I'll do today...


(If you do happen to stop by the little shop, please let me know you came from here because I want to add a little treat for blog friends. A thank you for the lovely hello's...)

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  1. Hello sweet Jenny :)

    I would love see the little treasures for your wedding:)

    rewelcome :D

    meni :*


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