Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Bear with me with these daily snippets,
my head is not in blog mode just yet...

You may have seen this softie before. A Wedding Cake request from a friend and a sewing theme I will be following again soon...

The past few months I have been indulging my inner princess with lots and lots of wedding planning.
We have set the date for March next year
and found a lovely english garden to be married in.
I have fallen for many of the gorgeous wedding sites and all the handmade touches to add to special days.
I have saved and sourced a million little pretties.

But before I go on I want to ask, 
would you like me to share?
It won't be too much I promise, just a post once a week or scarcer and the pretties, stationary, inspiration, sweet details and craftiness rather than seating plans and bridal nightmares.

Thank you all so much for stopping by,
you made me feel very welcome back!


  1. Personally, I love to hear about handmade wedding plans, so please share!

  2. YAY, bring on wed-nesdays! xox ps: super lovely sounding english garden-- I'm a bit jealous :)

  3. Yes please! Apparently once you get married you are very interested in everyone else´s plans for it. The same happens when you have babies, at least I´m speaking for myself. You know how I love what you do and can´t wait to see your own ideas about your big day!

  4. it would be great to see what you are planning!

  5. Yes I too would love to hear your wedding plans :) xx


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