Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wed(nesday): The prettiest of all the papers

The past few weeks I have been searching for the perfect invitations and have fallen deeply in love with 

(all pictures from Rifle Paper co. blog and shop)

How dreamy and perfect can stationery be!

And its not just weddings...

I love this print...

and these cards...

...I love everything!

The most perfect paper shop in world!

...but I am still looking for my pretty invites, any suggestions?


  1. Aw, so gorgeous! I'm afraid I have zero knowledge of wedding invites to share in return though. Sorry.

  2. absolutly wonderful!! hmmmm wedding invites....have u thought about commissioning someone who doesn't normally do someone on etsy who normally just does prints or somthing??
    good luck on your quest!


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