Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Tiny Obsession

This week's obsession.... teeny teeny tiny!

How amazing is that?!
I am totally in awe of that lady! She has an amazing site, Bugknits with so many pictures of her work. My favourite so far has to be tiny socks.

So feeling totally inspired by the tiny knitting, I picked up the smallest crochet hook I have and decided to give it ago...

...ta da!
Using 2mm hook, a single strand of wooly embroidery floss and the exact same pattern as my round green sample (5mm hook), it came out just over an inch in diameter. I know its not as small or as impressive as tiny sweaters, but it was fun to give teeny ago. I probably will be sticking to the bigger hooks for now. I'm definately not even thinking about knitting on pins... well, I am thinking about it but the fact I find knitting hard enough means I'll resist that urge for a while :)

I've been reading and watching a lot of Coraline things on the internet. I am so excited about it - stop motion, tiny, handmade and a little creepy too, it all sounds too perfect. Unfortunately I have to wait until May for it to come over here....

Happy Thursdays!
(oh my, is it Thursday already?!)


  1. Good Job! Teeny tiny is awesome!

    I have just started reading "Coraline" right now and I am liking it! I didn't realize the author was from the UK until I started running into words like "luvvy" that I never hear. Nice change of pace! It is a great story thus far ☺

  2. I can't even knit with regular sized needles. Her work is amazing.


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