Thursday, 3 December 2009

T'is the Season Giveaway!!

T'is indeed the time for a Chrismas Giveaway and here is a bunch of goodies for you...

A Mini Santa sack filled with:
Two Sweet Snowman Softie Baubles
Four Christmas cuties folded gift tags

A set of Snowbunny Notecards and printed bauble
and a fabric bundle tied in a bow...

The fabric bundle has twelve 7" squares of fabric including my gocco printed gingerbread sweethearts and a snowbunny, red and green felt, spots, checks, teddy tartan, heart, faux bois, stars, tiny trees and 2 metres of gingerbread lollipop ribbon (Theres a pic here if you fancy a closer look). All tied up with a metre each of white hearts and red ribbon.

...and finally a Flatie bauble and felt pin of your choice from the little shop!

If you would like this little sack of treats, leave a comment below... just a hello or something Xmassy or what you might do with the fabric, I'd love to hear your ideas!
I will pick a random name out late in the evening next Monday the 7th December. I'm happy to send it to anyone anywhere* so the more the merrier!

Lucky Wishes!

*I have been a little unlucky in my planning of this that I have missed the recommend Xmas post date for some part of the world - most places outside of Europe and North America I'm afraid. The parcel may arrive a little late for Christmas but I wouldn't want that to stop you from joining in :)


  1. the things are so cute! i love the gingerbread man stuff but, here in argentina is not a traditional character! i have some friends in USA and they send me a few things whit him! lovely blog, i love sooooooo much a gingerbread house that you do, the plushie one! visit me if you like, i have a blog too and i come from flickr!

  2. Hi from Spain :)

    I love your work and I would like to win!! The elfs trees are my favorites.
    Maybe we can celebrate an other xmas in february :D

    Hugs and thanks for the giveaway :)

  3. Hello from Toronto Ontario Canada
    You are so talented! Love your bunnies :)
    A very generous giveaway...I'd love to win! xx

  4. I can't believe you are giving all of that away! You are definitely in the Christmas spirit! I have started making a few felted things to decorate my house with.. I made a bat for halloween and a turkey for thanksgiving.. I could use some of that fabric to put on the back of some felt items OR what i really love to do is embroider.. so I could embroider some pictures on the material and frame them! I am sure I can find a use for them, if I win!! Thank you for the giveaway! I absolutely love your blog and visit it everyday!

  5. How adorable! That would be a lovely holiday surprise for anyone to find in their mailbox! :)

  6. Oh how cute! Hello from Newfoundland! :)

  7. Wonderful giveaway! I love the snowbunny cards and plushies.
    I would use the sweet fabrics to make either a patchwork stocking or a holiday bunting/banner.

    hugs from Ontario :)

  8. Hey! just found your blog through RVA and love your creations! I would so love that Christmas fabric for my Christmas mini-book that i'm planning on making after the holidays. :)
    Michelle E.

  9. Jenny,

    Wow! Wow! Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with this GREAT giveaway! I love 'cute' things ... so I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)

  10. Bonjour, je poste depuis le sud de frence!
    i love your blog ... la redingote araignée halloween!
    je serais ravie de recevoir ce lot "donner" Fabuleux!
     du rouge du blanc du vert pour faire de joiles pochettes broderies de ... nous n'en avaons jamais trop!! Ces Petits adorables "martiens" pour ma fille ... et les petites décorations Pour mon sapin de Noel!
    merci encore
     et Bonne chance à toutes les participantes

  11. Such wonderful goodies. I would love a chance to win.

    The wheels are turning~what could these goodies be used for. I know I will have lots of fun with them.


  12. What cute little things - I would love to be in the draw!!

  13. You are surely a clever girl! Those bunnies are darling and I love the ant farm idea! I even love the fabric background. Gee, I'd love to win the giveaway even after Christmas. I'm glad I found your blog and best of the holidays to you!

  14. I adore the pudding, what a cute little christmas character!! What would I do if I won? My house is in desperate need of some christmas cheer. I'd start with a table runner or christmas wall hanging to brighten up the dining room.

  15. this is all in one giveaway!! WOW! i think i would treat myself and make something for myself out of the fabric. i have a line of pretty things (china dogs,horses,pretty tins etc etc) that sit on my sewing table, perhaps i might make something to sit there?

  16. Your are such a giving person! I loved all the goodies in the Halloween giveaway. :D

    I have a few ideas running through my head on what to do with the fabric/etc. I think I would send you a little gift back as well.

  17. what a WONDERFUL giveaway.. I admire your work and would love to have all that wonderful goodness :-) I would love to make some ornaments with that fabric ;-)

    Courtney Prudhomme

  18. great giveaway!! Fingers crossed I win! :)


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