Tuesday, 1 December 2009

"We Tree Things,

Look good on gifts too..."

As much as I wish I could, I will not make a sing-a-long blog.
It is December and I am feeling very 'T'is the season' today... 'We Three Kings' is playing a merry loop in my head, my tea is in a santa mug and I have Christmas pud in the fridge. The pud is actually leftover from the fauxmas dinner I had on Sunday with my Grandparents who are going away for the real thing. I know the idea was to celebrate but I was a little bah humbug about it being November... What a difference 2 days can make!

Anyways, I have been planning a little Holiday offer for the little shops and today was photo day. What a difference your tips made! White sheets really bounce at bit more light in there (Thanks Emme!) and photoshop is a squillion times better than what I've been using (Thanks Flora!) I was having more problems with backgrounds for snowman so I grabbed the presents I'd wrapped this morning for the Boy to use as props and found the Flatie baubles and felt pins looked incredibly cute as tags for decorating gifts too!

In the little shops, you can now get Three Tree Baubles sets and Matching pin and baubles sets at special "T'is the season" prices...
And I've gotten rid of all my second item shipping cost, now you just pay shipping on the biggest item... Hurrah!
And I'm gift-wrapping everything! Just because I love this paper and I love my shoppers.

Merry December Everybody!

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