Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Here's to another Bunny Year...

"Hello New Year"
 said the funny looking rabbit who sat in the corner

Dear Rabbit, I said, is it not a little late to be welcoming the year?
No, said Rabbit, not if you haven't already.
Oh, said I, then Happy 2010!

Now I hoping Rabbit's strange cuteness will mean you forgive me for taking so long to wish you all the happiest year filled with Love and happiness. I haven't quite gotten out of the holiday mood and the loviness of being cosy and quiet (as well as a little lazy) has stayed with me. I have good reason for that though, I will be celebrating a late little Xmas with the Boy next week as he is finally on leave!
Hoorah Hooray! Whoopee and Yay!

I can hardly think of anything else at the minute - my brain has turned to excited mush! I haven't been stitching or scribbling, just preparing. But before Christmas I was quite busy making gifts, of which this strangely long Rabbit was one.

She is a Long Doll Scarf from the Aranzi Aronzo "Cute Stuff" book and I've been wanting to make one for ageees. This year (oh last year hee hee) she was the perfect present for a little girl I know and I just couldn't resist! Those mouths are so cute, they remind me of tiny moustaches and the book does have the cutest instructions... it really lives up to its name :)

I'm going to try my hardest to post a couple more crafty gifts and more of your lovely stamps before the weekend when I disappear for a little while.

Hope your year is treating you well!
I really do think this will be the best year yet...



  1. Hello! You do sound very excited, lucky you getting to have two christmasses =]

    I hope you have a wonderful time together!


  2. Hi Jenny!
    I got your package two days after Christmas...thank you so much...I cried opening it..I am so touched.Thank you xx
    Happy New Year...Have a wonderful time :)

  3. ahhh! that has to be the best scarf ever!

  4. what a simple but lovely project, I will share it with my children and their friends, they love pink and bunnies. I will watch over them so they don't get hurt with the scissors or needles


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