Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Teacup of Randomness...

Today we have a had a little afternoon tea in your honour.
By 'we' I of course mean myself and all the little Cakies I could find and by 'tea' I mean paper tea from the teacup of randomness which holds all your names...

Under the watchful eyes of all the cakies I stirred the tea and picked out the name...

I get to stitch a Cakie friend for Mollie :)
Please let me know which kind of cake you would like and your colour choice by emailing me and I'll stitch your Cakie up straight away

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me celebrate my little blog's birthday, it was so lovely of you and I had so much fun reading your comments. I hope you all enjoy your little Cheery Cherry Cake Printables as my little thank you to each and everyone of you...

You are great


  1. Oh man! I missed the cupcake bday giveaway! But I am happy for Mollie!! Way to go ;)

    Those are too cute ps!

  2. Lucky for Mollie!! Those are adorable!!


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