Friday, 8 January 2010

Mickey Mail

More fantastic Snail mail, Hooray!

This lovely lot is from the fantastic Becky of Strumpets Crumpets. As well I giving me a longing for some monogrammed note paper (love that 'B'), there are lovely polar bear stamps and she was so sweet to send me a Christmas card to with her little Mickey on the front... he is adorable!! Becky did a tutorial for how she made the Mickey on the cards fluffy with flocking here. I need to try that :)

Thank you so much Becky!

In my last Snail mail post, Nutmeg the Snail was taking a little break and I realised I never properly introduced the tiny fellow who took her place in the pic.
So here he is...

Meet 'Plump', a gentlefellow who does not mind a bit if you ask him to sit in the snow will you take his photo as long as he is allowed hot chocolate and marshmallows in a mug three times his size. Its not hard to find that mug for him as he is teeny tiny... a mini Plump from the wonderful Stuffed Nonsense Folksy shop.

I best get that hot chocolate made before Plump turns any bluer...
Thanks to everyone who sent me Snail Mail, more pics soon


  1. hey!thanks for the shout out! he looks really cute in the snow, hope the enjoyed his hot chocolate!

  2. :) Aww thanks!!! Look at Mick is famous! For real try flocking, it's easy! Promise!


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