Saturday, 6 March 2010

And Spring brought bunnies...

Hello again!
Six blogging days in a row... I'm quietly chuffed with myself

And I have been busy with the stitching as well. The Spring inspired wip has gone from this to...

...these, Bunnikins with a real spring in their step!

Bright eyed and bouquet tailed, ready for all the sunshine and blossoms to come.
And ready for more Bunnikins to come... oh, here they are:

Their Lavender friends adore Spring too but are happy to snooze away the last few chills of winter away. They can't very much help it...

...wrapped in cashmere with a belly full of lavender, who wouldn't be a sleepy thing?
I must admit I have been enjoying Spring through a window myself.

The Bunnikins, both Serene and Spring-y, are in the little shops
(Spring Bunnikins is a little late to etsy but will be hopping in that little shop soon too)

 ...and the little sleepy heads have already been featured in Natalya's All about Rabbit Treasury. Just look at her bunny egg hats, so cute!!

Hoppy Saturdays!

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