Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beautiful Skin

Today I decided my bag needed a spring clean.
(I don't want to start too big and scare this cleaning bug away hee hee)
I didn't get very far before I realised I have some long awaited karma to pass on and share...

Beautiful Skin makes the most gorgeous leather cases and cuffs. I've been lusting after them since I saw them a while ago and for his birthday, I bought my brother this fantastic iPod case... isn't it cool? 

And the seller is just as lovely! I was their 100th folksy sale and they gave me the best thank you ever... one of their amazing dandelion cases

And although I feel a bit bad that it's taken me so long to tell you about this lovely things, the timing seems just right as they have some gorgeous new designs... paper cranes and pine cones *swoon*

(all pictures from Beautiful Skin's Folksy and Etsy shops)

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  1. Oh I love that first one! I need to go take a look at this shop!


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