Monday, 1 March 2010

March Hares

Hello March!
 Didn't you appear quick this year?

I've really been looking forward to this month... it will be warmer and brighter, I can wear pretty dresses and make plans, I have my birthday to celebrate and the Boy will be home for good... Hooray! Thank you so much for all your well wishes about my happy news, you are all so lovely!

I'm also looking forward to a big spring clean. Its never so much 'out with the old, in with the new' for me, more a good old dust and finding forgotten treasure. I began this morning and rediscovered a few dresses, made a small mending pile and the washing machine is felting grassy green and lavender cashmere as I type which will make lovely spring Bunnikins. I used to cry when things were shrunk but now it makes me quite happy... Utterly mad I know!

All that chatter and I still haven't introduced my March Hare. 
Her name is Olive with an olive green dress and vintage lace trim, made as a special request for a little girl of the same name. She is, of course, more of a bunny than a hare. But with it being March, my plans to spend the rest of the day sewing Bunnikins and all the little bunnies here (me included) being crazy excited about Tim Burton's Alice, we thought we could pretend for the day.

Wish you all a happy fun mad March!


  1. I Love your new HARE :) Happy March!xx

  2. :) Happy March to you! I'm so excited about Alice too! My sister is coming home from Nashville and we have a date to see it! Olive is very pretty! You are very talented!


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