Thursday, 10 March 2011

A few notes... Garden Party

We are lucky to be getting married in the lovely setting of a Walled Garden and hopefully we will be very lucky and the weather will let us make the most of it... 
Please, please cross your fingers and do a little rain rain go away dance for us

But whatever the weather, I love these Garden theme party ideas which I will use one day...

Garden-style Flowers
They will be lots of pots in this post.

Little Green Potted Placecards...

...or Little Flower ones - I can't chose which is sweeter!
And similar style diy gifts here

I'm sure this could be turned in to a cute little game

Sugar Flower Cupcakes from a local cake maker 
A photo of my own! Invites are from Wedding Paper Divas (Tiny Prints for non wedding stationary) and I highly recommend them

Daisy food picks from Martha Stewart 
- my new favourite craft site, how did it take me so long to find you!!

And my absolute favourite in cute food...
Potted Chocolate Pudding with cookie soil and edible flowers!
Love, Love, Love!


ps. this is one of the prettiest Garden Wedding posts 

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