Friday, 11 March 2011

A few notes... How refreshing!!

I'm a huge fan of a dessert table and I love this Ice Cream Parlour one...

...or maybe its just the ice cream vases I have a weak spot for.
This Ice Cream Come trinket box has been an etsy favourite of mine for ages.

The other thing that keeps catching my eye is these...

pictures above from my favourite wedding blogs

...fruit filled urns and pastel coloured drinks, aren't they pretty?
I'd quite like a wedding cocktail, something that looks good, isn't too alcoholic and will be liked by many. I have my last caterers meeting so I'm desperately looking for ideas...

What's your favourite cocktail?


  1. My sister actually made one of those Ice Cream Come trinket box at a pottery shop. She painted it and they did the rest.

    That Ice Cream Parlour dessert table would look great in my kitchen. It's dessert themed.

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