Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A few notes... In the Woods

When I first started wedding planning, I couldn't get this amazing woodland wedding out of my mind. Its so beautiful with feathers and wild flowers and lights hanging from trees. We aren't having a woodland wedding but its still one of my favourite themes.

 ...Cake Stands...
(make one yourself with Etsy's tutorial)

...and Candles 
(I have no source for these, but find similar on Etsy)

Sweet Wild Flowers

And Magical Settings.. this is one of my favourite pictures ever!!

Here I must make a confession... as well as being a lapsed blogger, a wedding obsessive and a crazy inspiration picture collector, I am a forgetful label maker and can't quite remember where I found some of these photos to give credit for where this wonderfulness is due and I really feel bad about that. I do know they all come from my favourite wedding blogs... 


ps my favourite wedding post of the day is Becky's carnival cute Bridesmaids Card...


  1. hehee, I've been going wedding-blog crazy. I think I oversaturated myself with amazingly styled images so I'm trying to cut back a bit, so as not to be continually disappointed by my non-amazing budget ;) Right now I'm on the hunt for some lovely shoes...

    ps I think I recognize that last photo - maaaybe from Cherry Blossom Girl's wedding?


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