Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Blanket Love

I have truly developed a deep blanket love over the past few weeks.
Quite possibly an another obsession as I'm wondering if I could make a princess and the pea style bed out of blankets...

Princess and the Pea from Tim Walker 'Pictures'

Wouldn't it be lush to have a bed like that? Though I am thinking blankets, but I love that picture so much, in fact I think I love every photo of Tim Walker I have ever seen. I was lucky enough to treat myself to a copy of his book in a sale, but I have only got a few pages in so far because of my need to absorb every detail... but I tell you it's all so wonderful *sigh*
(google books is having a limited preview! go look! go look!)

Around the internet and some lovely bricks and mortar shops too, I have been spotting the perfect blankets for this dream bed. Huge chunky cable knits (pg 34), vintage patchwork, floral quilts, hungry holey foodie quilts, plump crochet flower beds, light fluffy pistachio knits... not wanting to be the most well blanketed homeless person around I have resisted.

My feverish crocheting has helped keep me away from the homeless scenario. I haven't begun my piecing as I discovered I don't know a few things;
a) what kind of pattern I should arrange the squares (some how deciding to be 'random' instantly killed the randomness of the look so 'pattern' is needed)
b) how big and what shape I want it
and probably most importantly
c) I don't know how to join crochet pieces and until I learn that, there's no blanket for me. But that hasn't stopped Sir from getting comfy...

...and its been another smaller blanket project keeping me busy...

Though they may not look it, they are kind of blankety. They are also the 7th and 8th of their kind, so I will leave it until another post to give a better explanation and lots of pics.

It only seems fitting to say
"Sweet Dreams"


  1. OMG is that a king charles!?!?!? the cutest thing ever!

  2. I love those links to the gorgeous blankets. So wonderful.


  3. Those blanket bunnies are adorable! :)


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