Thursday, 16 July 2009

Square eyed

By sticking to my plan of Granny-ing every day, I now have 56 squares in just over 2 weeks! I can't believe how addictive granny squares can be, last Saturday was the only day I manage to stop at just one!

All together that is just over half my blanket (although I'm thinking maybe it should be bigger and go for 140 squares... we'll see) so I think this weekend I will start piecing it together (thanks for the tip Hannah!)

Maybe its the granny effect, but seeing neat rows of anything squareish is really pleasing to me.
Like lovely new labels...

I'm so smittened with how the little lollies came out. I'm working them into some little paper loveliness to share with you all in my next post :)



  1. oh, the colors in your granny squares are just adorable! And the lollies are very cute, too.

  2. whoa, that's a lot of granny squares! Nice!

  3. Wow, I like this granny squares.

  4. You are welcome hun, I really can't wait to see your squares all put together :D


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