Saturday, 18 July 2009

Jolly Lolly Freebies!

Hooray for Summer!

And Hooray because as promised I have turned my little Jolly Lolly into some printable paper loveliness for you!

Jolly Lolly Gift Tags!

I am even more smitten with these than I am with my labels and I hope you like them too.

So printers at the ready...

(click picture to enlarge to full A4 size)

Once you click the pic, it *should* fill the page with your A4 sized sheet ready to print (no downloading as I'm really not clever enough to do that!) I think they are best printed on thin white card but they are just fine on thicker paper too. As well as the paper, scissors, a hole punch and some String/ribbon are needed.

Once you have your sheet, cut around each double lolly shape (it very tempting to cut through!**) and fold along the middle line. Punch a hole just above the folded edge and tied a loop of string through each. Easy peasy!

As well as popping them on gifts, a blob of glue to keep them closed and they make sweet summery hanging decorations too!

I do hope you enjoy them and I'd love to hear if anyone does use some
(and if there is problems, let me know that too.)

Quite accidentally, this little freebie come on my 200th post! I had taken my eye off the post count so I was a little surprised to have reached such a number. A little 'Thank you for reading' giveaway will follow soon but for now there is cake and many many big Thank Yous!!

Whipped cream and icing sugar makes the best emergency frosting!

Do help yourself!
I am off to enjoy them with tea and granny squares...

** oh, I suppose you could and make twice as many flat gift tags :)


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