Monday, 30 November 2009

Paper Bunnies

As I was wrapping up some parcels, I noticed quite a few little bunnies had  appeared...

They was the little Bunnikins gift tags which like to travel the world with the shop bunnies as a tiny Thank you to all the people who come to visiting us. We do love visitors over there, everyone gets a thank you, a bow and a bunny note...

...oh I spy more new bunnies on notepaper too!

These are just for my little scribbles, though I'm thinking of a second print run for the little shop.
I'd forgotten all about them! I was only going to share the tags and these...

I got new Moo!
I love Moo. I am still smitten with mini cards, I don't think I'll ever want a normal sized business card while this little guys are around (especially with their cute boxes)... and I'm falling quickly for their sticker books too! Tiny glossy stickers for everything! I'm just itching for an excuse to buy more :)

If you have been wanting to give them a go, I have a two codes for 15% off your first order I can pass on, just let me know if you want one. You can make anything with them - mini cards, stickers, notecards and Christmas cards too.

I have lots to do tonight, though I struggle to remember what. I think one of the things I've been meaning to do is write a to do list, so I'll probably do that first. Oh, to be an organised person...

Happy Mondays!


  1. we've been meaning to try them out. your goodies from them look great, and i love your tags!

  2. OOOO Your moo stuff looks soo good I keep meaning to get some tags made - This will definately have to be added to my things to do in 2010 list. A list I would love to write on your notelets! They are too cute! x


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