Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Bear, the Box and the Egg

The Pancakes were in the post yesterday, and I know at least one arrived with its new owner today!!

They spent the weekend sat on my shelf in envelopes, with JoTwo the bear keeping an eye on them. I made JoTwo (so named as he has the same birthday as my brother, Joe)  a little while ago by following these instructions. He was supposed to be a sock monkey, but i stitched the ears a little too high, so sock bear he was!
 He is such a simple shape and so sweet, he gave me an idea for a little Easter something. 
As you may see below...

This is my WiP (Work in Progress) box. If i'm halfway through something, it's in here. 
I have been stitching daily recently, which makes me very happy indeed. 

One last thing, my achievement of the week...
This Felt Egg! 

The idea of stitching a egg shape seem very easy, but it's not (or at least wasn't for me). I make my own patterns and this one is the most challenging yet. After many failed attempts (and even some internet searches) last night, armed with felt, needles, a polystyrene egg and a pen, I manage it!!!
This is the egg I made from that pattern and that pattern will soon appear on this blog.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!


*edit: The egg pattern is Here

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