Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Happy Day!

Today, there are two reasons for celebrating.

Happy Pancake Day!
I love pancakes. Any excuse to eat them and make little felty ones is more than welcome by me. They are super sweet but made sweeter with my favourite pancake toppings, 'lemon & sugar', 'blueberries' and 'syrup'.

I made these as a bit of fun, and now I would love to give them away to good home!
If you would like one, just leave your name in the comments at the bottom of this post by next thursday (14th) and they will be posted to new homes the following week.
 If there is more than 3 comments, i will pick randomly, using the good old-fashioned 'name in a hat' method.

The second reason for celebrating:

Happy Birthday Ollie (my dog)

I know a lot of you (read *most*) won't be celebrating this, but I wanted to share his birthday doodle with you anyway.  Ollie doesn't realise he is a dog, preferring to think of himself as a little lord. I really think his birthday wish would be to own a little top hat.

So, I hope you have a very happy day, whatever you're reasons to celebrate.


***Just click comments down here to grab a pancake, 
or email if you prefer :) ***


  1. A little more info on getting hold of a pancake:

    Leave your name here (real or alias, I don't mind)

    Leave a little note: your favourite pancake topping, something about your pet, your favourite word, anything you like!

    New pancake owner's name will be post on this blog on the 15th february, i'll then ask for you to email me your address and then i'll pop a pancake in the post for you :)

  2. I also have a puppy dog, well he'll be six in June :) He also thinks he's a little lord. He's really not sure whether we are dogs or he is human, but is entirely conviced that we are the same. He obviously hasn't noticed that we have two legs and he has four! :)

    Woosy (FF)

  3. thanks for your comment

    animals can be such funny little things sometimes lol


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