Friday, 29 February 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies and More Bunnies

For Easter, I chose a little theme of bunnies with a sprinkling of chocolate.
Because all bunnies love chocolate.

Firstly, two of Flossy's friends arrived and I feel more will visit soon.
To keep track of all the bunny visitors, each will have a number stitched on their back under their dresses.

'Flopsy' Bunny

Flopsy is bunny no. 2. I think she is Flossy's eldest sister and wears the same dress with a pink bow.

'Duffy' Bunny

Duffy is bunny no. 3 and is named after the pet rabbit of a childhood friend. She has a jade cotton dress with a brown bow.

These two little cuties are each £8.45

And Flossy herself will also be making an appearance in the form of three drawn mini totes. 

'Flossy Bunny wants an Egg' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

'Flossy Bunny Loves Chocolate' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

'Flossy Bunny wants to be filled with Chocolate' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

All £4.95

Made from 100% cotton, with ribbon handles and hand-drawn bunnies. The mini totes are 22 x 22 cm (approx.), perfect as gift bags stuffed full of chocs for Easter. Or any time really. 


That tricky little felt egg (the pattern is here if you want a go yourself) turned into a these fun little guys.

The Egg Bunnies
'Lemon drop' (yellow) and 'Candy floss' (pink) and their mini-me's.

Large Egg Bunnies £5 * Small Egg Bunnies £3

The large ones are 11.5 cm tall and the small ones are 9.5 cm. All made from felt, with cotton appliqué tummies and heart-shaped noses. Around the back, they have cute cotton tails.

All are waiting at the shop for you

There are more pictures of these, all my Easter idea scribbles and my other pieces on my Flickr, stop by and have a look


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