Friday, 22 February 2008

Friend of a Friend

'Happy' the Birthday Cake has a new younger friend.

'Baby Cake'

She is the same size as Happy and is decorated with a ribbon and small pink dummy.
She's one of the secret projects I was working, I made her for a friend who had a gorgeous little baby girl a few months ago. I am considering making a couple more to go in the shop after Easter.


And remember JoTwo the Sock Bear? Here is his inspired friend.

"Flossy" Bunny Softie

She is made from  fluffy angora knits that have shrunk to make lovely soft, felted material. She is 27cm tall, with a fabric dress and ribbon and embroidered eyes and cutie freckles. (Click description for more pictures.) She began life as the 'Hello' Rabbit from my first post and then re-worked to find a way to turn her in the softie she now is.

Flossy Bunny's picture

Flossy will be staying with me, but some of her bunny friends will be for sale this Easter.

Have a lovely weekend, 
I'll be stitching more Easter treats to share next week.


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