Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Is it a bird?...

No, It's Super Mum!
The 2nd of March is Mother's Day (quite early this year) and, for the special day to spoil your special mum, I have put a these 'Super Mum' Mini Totes in the shop.

With her apron and cape, here she stands and here she flies. 

I had a play around with some colour fabric pens for these, and it came out really well. They are sealed and should wash well at a low heat. Also (almost) new is legs!! I haven't really drawn legs since my fashion course. The first sketches were wobbly, but after a bit of practice they are looking good. More leggy ladies to come, me thinks...

I've only got the two new bags at the minute, but I can tell you there is plenty more stitchings being worked on. There is bigger bags, nuns, bunnies and eggs, as well as canvases, hoops and modeling clay for me to play with, all very exciting.
 A couple of things I have finished are little presents, so I have to keep them secret until they are seen by their intendeds. 

Hope you have been having a fantastic week so far,


**Oh, and remember, not long left if you want one of these pancake friends.

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