Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Delayed Hellos

I'm back! :)

A little delayed in my return to blog-land, as I've been feeling a little poorly since returning home. Just overtired, I think. My own fault for not sleeping on an overnight flight and then sleeping all day to make up for it, giving me very unnecessary jet lag for 2 hours time difference. Is that possible? Oh well, almost back to normal...

 Thank you so much for your well wishing for my trip! I had a lovely lazy time, the photo above is the view I spent most my time with during the days. Or looking across the red sea and on to the coast of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. At one point when travelling to the resort, you could also see Israel. I found this the most amazing thing to see 4 countries I thought I'd never see all in the same view. I took a couple of pictures of the coast lines but all they came out awful :(

I was staying in Taba in Sinai, which is a gorgeous place between mountains and a clear sea full of coral (and lots of desert!) It wasn't the Egypt of history lessons (no pyramid or pharoahs. Not even in Africa I was surprised to hear, but Asia!), but the Egypt of scuba diving documentaries and absolutely amazing in that way!
I have a couple more pictures to share and will do that soon, but for now I will just say my delayed 'Hellos' and begin to catch up with you all.


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  1. wow! nice palm trees... sorry about jet lag, that's always a bummer... good thing you're almost over it! :]


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