Monday, 11 August 2008

A Long, Long Time Ago...

... I stitched a iPod cosy for my Dad for Father's Day.
It's taken me quite a while but I finally got some pictures to share!

After deciding podlings may be too cute to be popping out from a briefcase, this is non-cute cosy I made. I have always found picking gifts for boys difficult and I found designing this just as tricky. My Dad seems to love it though :)

I had doodled an iPod on my page while trying to think of some way to decorate the cosy and realise it would make a cute (or not-too-cute, if you prefer) embroidery.

I used a thread slightly darker than the felt and made it stand out by adding a layer of calico which I cut as close as I dared once the embroidery was complete.

And while talking about iPod cosies, I'm pleased to say I've solved my podling problem. I'll tell you more about that soon.

I meant to mention in my last post the "Thank you!" list in my side bar of all the people who joined me to celebrate 100 posts. I LOVE finding new blogs and am really enjoying visiting them all. You guys are up to some fantastic things!

I am about half way through my visits and I have a couple more names to add to list. I promise I will be stopping by shortly with thank yous if you haven't heard from me yet.



  1. The ipod cosy is definitely manly, but cute nevertheless. Very nice balance! :)

  2. wow so cool looking. :) love it.

  3. very cute! it's really adorable, a favorite.

  4. I love the cosy! I wish I had an Ipod now... :) By the way, I gave you an award on my blog! Stop by and check it out! ;)

  5. love the colors- great embroidery!


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